Emergency Appeal - Fundraiser for flood victims in my home in Germany

Thank you so much.
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Devastating floods in my home in Germany

Last week, a flash flood devastated large parts of my home in Germany. At least 190 died, hundreds and hundreds having lost their homes and lifelihoods.  Even though the rain has gone for now and the cleaning efforts have begun - many lives continue to be threatened as buildings and whole villages are still being evacuated, due to a lack of structural safety or e.g. in the case of the Erft Valley a reservoir threatening to break (stable yet still critical).

Please take a minute to send your thoughts and prayers to everyone in need.

My home village, my parents and sister, are right in the middle of it all. I'm so relieved to say they're all ok, they're physically unharmed and alive. My sister lives on top of a hill and was relatively quickly able to get through to me. The 2 days not speaking to my parents was awful. We had contacted everyone we know in the area who could go check on them. All made difficult by the lack of phone connection, no power. There was no water, whole bridges being swept away by the flood, roads impossible to use or gone completely due to uprooted trees, metres high of mud everywhere ... The pictures really look like the villages have been bombed.  Our family, neighbours and friends are alive - we're so unbelievably blessed and grateful and relieved.

Many many others haven't been as lucky. Just 4km up the Ahr river in Schuld, there's been huge devastation, houses collapsed, roads wiped out, people who lost absolutely everything over night.

Insul, the village between Dümpelfeld and Schuld, looks like it's been completely under water, everything is drenched in metres of mud that needs to be cleaned quickly before it hardens in the sun.

Dernau, and the whole Ahr valley is devastated. Friends have lost their homes. They say it came so quickly. From thinking they won't need sandbags as they weren't effected by the 2016 floods at all, to standing ankle deep in water in the groundfloor at the beginning of a phone call to his son - by the end of the phone call it was hip height already. They spent the night under the roof as they didn't know how high the water was going to rise. As shocking and distressing as the images are that we see, I feel the extend of it all will only slowly become clear.

(Please be mindful reading on. I'll add some images, videos and news further down)

Please dig deep and help me support everyone back home!

There's an urgent need for emergency funds and immediate help. As much as they're receiving a wave of man power, more is needed. The funds from the government are taking too long to arrive, every bit is urgently needed. Please please consider donating.

You choose: your money will either go directly to families in our area that we know, and there's also the opportunity/details to donate directly to locally set up accounts to support the  emergency efforts.

Below please find three options to give your support: 

1) A list of local organisations & emergency services
2) My GoFundMe page: If you want to avoid doing an international transfer, consider sending your donations directly to me - I'll either transfer the funds to one of the locally set up emergency efforts and/or provide them directly to individuals/families in need
3) Purchase one of my online Yoga courses - 100% to go to local people & families


Donate directly to a number of organisation/emergency servies in Kreis Ahrweiler/Erfttal that coordinate/support financially the emergency services and people and families in need.


If you want to avoid doing an international transfer, consider sending your donations directly to me - I'll either transfer the funds to one of the locally set up emergency efforts and/or provide them directly to individuals/families in need


Purchase any/all of my online courses / workshops and or monthly membership - all proceeds will go directly to support a list of people/families in the villages of Dümpelfeld, Insul, Schuld, Rodert/Bad Münstereifel and Dernau.

We are currently connecting with friends, family, neighbours, emergency services to see what & where things are needed.


Whichever option you choose - however much or however little. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of all of my friends, family, neighbours, on behalf of the whole area that's been affected - deep gratitude.

If you are unable to give right now, please do send your kind thoughts, love and prayers for my home's healing.


Iversheim Strasse IMG-20210715

Iversheim - near Bad Münstereifel


Landslide in Rodert

Rewe Münstereifel IMG-20210714

Rewe Shopping Centre parking

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 13.02.53
Schuld hinten an der großen Kreuzung
Schuld heli

Schuld (4km up the river from Dümpelfeld)

Schuld IMG_20210716_121814_763

(*I've been told all 70 missing people have been accounted for 🙏)

Dümpi IMG_20210716_121755_943

Dümpelfeld "über Ahr"


During and after the flooding, Bad Münstereifel pedestrian town centre. Karin who took the pictures had to evacuate her flat in the morning, but hopes to be able to go back very soon.

BaMü Helferkette IMG-20210716-WA0019

The tidying starts - chain of helpers in Bad Münstereifel. My sister Sandra dropped off a car load of clothes and blankets for the emergency accommodation organised by the military at a nearby hall. Aldi has opened, however it's almost empty and no info on when a new delivery can be expected.

BaMü Road IMG-20210716-WA0020

Thank you so much for considering to support my friends and their families,
the people in our village as well as neighouring villages.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your kindness is so needed and so much appreciated.
Email me to or
to be updated where exactly your funds go and what huge support you'll have given.

So much love, so much gratitude. Eva x