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If you're short on time or on a budget, yet would still love to practice with me, this is for you, lovely one.
Check out one or all of my pre-recorded Yoga & Meditation classes on Skillshare which have been viewed and enjoyed by students well over 3.000 times.

Strength in Body & Mind

Enjoy this gentle session to find mobility, strength, and of course a deeper awareness of body and mind.


Hello Hips & Hamstrings

Sigh. Those notoriously tight areas for our often desk-bound life-styles ... Fantastic for runners & cyclists too!

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Ease Shoulders & Neck

Find spaciousness, strength and mobility within shoulders & neck - where most of the people hold a TON of tension & stress in. Are you one of them? Then this is for you.

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Beautiful Balance

Let's look at the very foundations within some strong standing postures to find balance increase proprioception and deepen your body awareness. So powerful for pain relief also.

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The All-Rounder.

Today's we're looking at this very important breath we want to cultivate in our practice. The one that underpins the rest of this very balanced sequence.


Breathe. How To.

Breathing has an immediate effect on our state of mind. Find a calm sense of focus and concentration and set yourself up for healing from the inside out and watch the ripple effect on the rest of your body and mind as a result.

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Start your day with Yoga

Roll out of bed and step straight onto your Yoga mat for a class to wake you up, get you energised and set up for a successful day ahead.

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A Guide To Get Started.

Aka how NOT to bend yourself into a pretzel...
A short getting started tutorial, even before you step onto the mat. What to expect. Questions to consider and why it's so important to be compassionate and kind on this journey of ours...

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Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.
Scroll down to find a selection of my absolute favourite creative classes & teachers showcased on the platform. The perfect opportunity for wellbeing on all levels!


Testimonials & All The Love

"Love this lessons, very helpful mostly for beginners." - Lucia

"Really good video about what to expect starting the Yoga journey." - G

"This class is so wonderful and she is such a joy to listen to! I could feel the stress melting away, at least while I was doing the practice. I am a beginner and felt that this was both challenging and attainable." - Allison

"This was very relaxing and calming." - Stephanielyn

"My thoughts are that this course is a terrific way to start Yoga....a little at a time as in "baby steps" very well done Eva Schroeder..." - Thomas


"I really loved this class! Eva does an amazing job of breaking down correct form in a way that is accessible outside an in-person class. Her positive, calming spirit is rejuvenating." - Unforgettable Lemur

Clear headed

"I have been feling really anxious from a really hard semester and i thought of giving yoga a chance for exercise and to calm myself. this class really help, at the end i felt resolved and clear headed. thanks a lot! for helping to relieve some pressure" - Max

Calm encouragement

"After being away from yoga for 5 + years, this is the perfect reminder of how much I love yoga. Thank you Eva for your quiet calm encouragement." - Diana

Invaluable advice

"An incredibly helpful introduction to yoga, to a complete beginner like myself, and invaluable advice in terms of what to expect and the mindset required." - James


"Eva is a wonderful yoga teacher and during lock-down this is a fantastic way to continue enjoying her classes. Eva exercises your body and gently calms your mind. Her delightful sense of humour and motivational skills keep you engaged throughout practice." - Debbi

Back to Basics

"Awesome Class! I am not a true yoga beginner, but it has been awhile. This was a great class to get back to the basics and get moving again. The instructor is sweet and walks you through the class. Thank you!" - Katy

Challenging & attainable

"This class is so wonderful and she is such a joy to listen to! I could feel the stress melting away, at least while I was doing the practice. I am a beginner and felt that this was both challenging and attainable." - Allison


"This class was a challenge to me - I've only done a little bit of yoga here and there, but I was really looking for some good stretches, and this definitely supplied those! It also engaged my muscles in a new way--that was the challenging bit! But it really did leave me feeling refreshed and happy!" - Vanessa

Relaxed pace

"Eva guides you step by step, explaining the yoga movements along the way, at a nice and relaxed pace. As someone who has done yoga for many years I find it most helpful when teachers are not rushing through the flow. Well done Eva and thank you!" - Jason

"Very good yoga class for beginners. I have practiced yoga on and of for a decade, but having been ill for almost two years I haven't worked out in any way or form regularly for that time. Now I am starting back up again, and this is a great way for me to regain strength, and reconnect with my body. It is frustrating not being able to go straight back to the level of strength and flexibility I was, but this course engages my muscles and body in a way that makes me confident I can return to it. Great audio quality, which I haven't found in any of the other yoga classes I have checked out here. - Karoline

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My Favourite Ever Skillshare Classes

A handpicked selection

Apart from practicing and studying all things Yoga & meditation, I love is getting lost in making music and creating art. Getting lost in it - that's where the magic lies. Where the flow states happen, where creativity and abundance and love and passion arise from. And the powerful thing is - we don't have to be highly acclaimed artists. All we need is the willingness to sit down and practice, for the simple love of it all. See the beauty and light in everything - and enjoy life one moment at a time.

Watercolour Forest

Learn how to create atmosphere and paint light filtering through trees in a forest. Check out the masking fluid butterflies - such a beautiful effect!

Artist: Katrina Pete


Smartphone Photography

Join this popular IG lifestyle photographer as he shows us how to use our smartphone to capture stunning lifestyle photos for IG. So good!

Artist: Sean Dalton @seandalt

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Learn To Play Music

The harmonica - I started this month! Super happy to see there's even a Skillshare course for that! There's guitar playing, songwriting basics, how to read music, of course vocal training classes - you name it.

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Presentation Essentials

THE Simon Sinek, ladies and gentlemen! Shares with us how to share ideas that inspire action.

Be passionate about your subject. Only talk about things that you care about and that you understand. Definitely one to check out.

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"At Skillshare, we’ve seen again and again how the seemingly simple act of creating can be a force for growth, change, and discovery in people’s lives. We want to inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning and application." - Skillshare

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