Beautiful Soul

"Before anything else, you need to first recognize that this life is about you.  Your life isn’t about anyone else.  Ultimately, it isn’t about your parents, your spouse or your children. This is about you and your experience of the magical, mind-blowing journey that is life. You are the focal point for everything that is happening in you and around you. Your life is about your Soul and the work you have done long before you got here.  It’s time to soften into a space where you let love lead you." (The Guided Soul)

The deeper we allow ourselves to surrender, the softer the experience feels and the more spacious life becomes. We get to cut through the fog, the pictures become clearer and more dots are connected. There's a lightness and vitality that arises. A freedom within. And love. So much love.

Navigating through this life can feel intense and challenging. Let this be your reminder that you are sitting at the wheel. You have a choice. You are powerful beyond measure.

Beautiful soul, it's time to move back in with yourself. To realise there's a wonderful world within you that is patiently waiting for you to remember and re-discover it.

Take a moment to sit. Take a deep breath in. And release fully. I love you. Thank you for being here with me today.